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Are any of your shoes Vegan?

Yes we have a whole collection here - 

Superga Vegan – Love your planet, love your shoes.

We are working hard towards a more eco-conscious and sustainable product offering to include certified vegan and organic collections.

Eco Friendly - Vegan-certified Superga shoes are eco-friendly. They do not contain any animal or animal-originated ingredients.

Cruelty-Free - No testing is performed on animals during the production of the components and the shoes are cruelty-free. 

Superga Vegan Standards

Superga understands the word “animal” to refer to the entire Animal Kingdom, which is all vertebrates and all multi-cellular invertebrates.

No animal and animal-derived ingredients.

No animal testing on raw materials sourced and used for the shoes’ components.

Managed Cross-Contamination (manufacturing line, manufacturing site where animal-derived shoes are produced): any potential cross-contamination with animal-derived materials must be prevented as far as it is practical and possible.

Materials Used 

Upper: 100% Cotton canvas with non-animal derived dyes

Insole: 100% Cotton

Insole board: Cardboard (paper)

Sole: Natural rubber

Laces: Cotton and polyester blend

Glue: Vegan glue

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